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Welcome to BOIS Chafuffe Free Games Zone
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Connect 4 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Connect 4
This is a modern interpretation of the classic rainy day game that many of us remember playing at school. The game still upholds it's old principles, but just in a new mediatic way. You can either play the game against your computer or against a human, friend or family by opting for the 2 player mode.
Indiana Jones Icon
3 Stars Icon
Indiana Jones
Help Indiana Jones find the the lost treasure of Pharaoh, but watch out for the booby traps set to stop you. Normal keyboard arrow keys to move left/right and jump. But use the up key to go forward when in the labrynth
2 Deep Icon
3 Stars Icon
2 Deep
How deep do you dare?
3 Foot Ninja 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
3 Foot Ninja 2
The small guy is back again
ALIAS 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Artificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage, The Story Continues
Blox Forever Icon
3 Stars Icon
Blox Forever
Challenging Blocks Game
Muay Thai Icon
3 Stars Icon
Muay Thai
It is sometimes referred to as the science of 8 limbs since it includes the use of punches, kicks, knees and elbows.
Park A Lot 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Park A Lot 2
Challenging Game of being a Valet
Sim Girls Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sim Girls
Help your dating skills and try to get the girl
24 Puzzle Icon
3 Stars Icon
24 Puzzle
The object of the game is to move all the 24 squares around to get them in numerical order.
Celebrity Hitman Terrorist Alert Icon
3 Stars Icon
Celebrity Hitman Terrorist Alert
Defend yourself against the evil Mutant Dictator Clones and win a prize... um... actually, there is no prize... just survive as long as possible... MUHAHAHAAAAA!
Street Fighter II Icon
3 Stars Icon
Street Fighter II
Street Fighter II, the arcade classic.
Yeti Sports Seal Bounce Icon
3 Stars Icon
Yeti Sports Seal Bounce
Time your throw right as see how far up the screen the seals will go.
Blackjack 2000 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Blackjack 2000
Online flash Blackjack game
Tiny Combat 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Tiny Combat 2
Protect your base from all the incoming soldiers.
Mario 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mario 2
Another arcade classic, this time its Mario 2.
Boobs, Butt & Shoulder 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Boobs, Butt & Shoulder 2
Think you know female body parts? Take the quiz and find out! Part 2
Like Jail Bait Icon
3 Stars Icon
Like Jail Bait
Is she too young for you, or would you hit it?
Solitaire 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Solitaire 2
One of the most popular card games ever made!
Fire Play 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fire Play 2
Blow up your opponents before they try to kill you!
Snow Runamuck Icon
3 Stars Icon
Snow Runamuck
Help the snowboarder win in the Slalom and Freestyle events!
Mini golf 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Mini golf 2
Use your club and hit the ball into the hole in as few moves as possible!
Trampoline 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Trampoline 2
You have 99 seconds to perform as many trampoline tricks as you can!
Mini golf 3 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mini golf 3
Select your character and play Mini Golf online!
Mini-putter Icon
3 Stars Icon
Play mini golf and get par!
Slapshot 2K3 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Slapshot 2K3
Shoot the puck and pick off as many targets as you can!
Tokkun Icon
0 Stars Icon
Choose one of the three levels and play baseball!
Minipool Icon
3 Stars Icon
Clear the table before the time runs out and advance to the next level!
5 miles 2 go Icon
0 Stars Icon
5 miles 2 go
Draft along with other cars, take the lead and win!
Grand Prix 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Grand Prix 2
Complete all three tracks before your damage reaches 100%!
Rally 2100 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Rally 2100
Take part in the race of the future and be the only one to win!
2 Fast 2 Go Icon
3 Stars Icon
2 Fast 2 Go
Choose your car and win the race!
Quix 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Quix 2
Make groups of 4 or more tiles to make them disappear!
Pyramid 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Pyramid 2
Try to clear the way for the pharaon mummy by dragging other mummies!
Sobics 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sobics 2
Click on groups of 2 or more squares of the same color and clear the board!
Alus Revenge Icon
3 Stars Icon
Alus Revenge
Click on any 2 like warriors to remove them. Click on the benben stone for extra bonus points!
Snap Shotz Icon
0 Stars Icon
Snap Shotz
Examine 2 seemingly identical images and spot 5 differences. You have 45 seconds!
sobics school Icon
3 Stars Icon
sobics school
Get the right colors and try to make a combination, four of the same stones!
JewelOfAtlantis Icon
0 Stars Icon
Solve the mystery by switching 2 jewels from position.
12 Puzzle Icon
0 Stars Icon
12 Puzzle
Fit the puzzle pieces together to solve the puzzle!
Bola Icon
3 Stars Icon
Switch two stones and create a threesome or more!
Find it 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Find it 2
Try to find 5 differences within the time!
Powerstore Icon
3 Stars Icon
Click on a group of 2 or more balls of the same color!
MicePlague2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Protect the cheese for as long as you can by eliminating the mice with your glowing ball!
Mask pinball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mask pinball
Let's play pinball online!
Koala Lander Icon
3 Stars Icon
Koala Lander
Help Jo-Jo collect as many shrimps as he can and avoid troubles!
Grave 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Grave 2
Scan for zombie enemies, choose proper weapon and fill up your blood meter!
Malloween 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Malloween 2
Watch a color of the costume, collect cans of similar color and sort them out!
Sea survival 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sea survival 2
Eat all smaller fish, dodge bigger fish and collect treasures!
Overrun 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Overrun 2
As an elite gunner you must stop the enemy forces at all costs!
Shoot the frog Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shoot the frog
Help the crazy frog fly as far as possible by bouncing on the trampoline!
Bossmonster Icon
3 Stars Icon
Click on the planes and destroy the pesky humans!
Asteroids Icon
0 Stars Icon
Clear the nuisance in the Asteroid Belt sector 379 and come back alive!
Zoopreme Icon
3 Stars Icon
Stop them before they stomp everything!
Dolphin olympics Icon
3 Stars Icon
Dolphin olympics
Help your dolphin perform tricks to score as many points as possible in 2 minutes!
Perfect Parking Icon
3 Stars Icon
Perfect Parking
Park your car in the highlighted space without hitting another vehicle!
Motor Bike 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Motor Bike 2
Try to get trough the rough levels without damaging the bike!
Fish Hunter 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fish Hunter 2
Shoot the speer to catch as many fish you can!
Orca Slap Icon
0 Stars Icon
Orca Slap
Hit the pinguins by throwing a snowball and try to put them in the middle!
IG2 Rising water Icon
4 Stars Icon
IG2 Rising water
The water rises faster and faster, help scrat to reach the safe top!
IG2 Acorns Icon
0 Stars Icon
IG2 Acorns
Catch 5 acorns and throw them into scrats basket!
Harry Hamster 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Harry Hamster 2
Collect all the lost golden wheel parts and return home!
Thrust-2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Shoot the balloons and land saftly on the platform!
Gravity Ball 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Gravity Ball 2
Control the paddle and break all the bricks with your ball!
Cannonball Follies 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Cannonball Follies 2
Help Sam get to his buried treasure by hitting the target!
Avian Wars  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Avian Wars
It is the year 2071. Advanced fighter jets are developed. War is taken to the skies, against the AI enemies.
Orb 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Orb 2
Control the Orb and make it to the exit. Good Luck!
Virtual Police 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Virtual Police 2
Part 2 of the Virtual Police Saga. There are now 7 locations that can be show instead of only two.
Xunmato Alpha Icon
3 Stars Icon
Xunmato Alpha
Ultimate Quest! Hours of gameplay and a built in 2-player battle mode. Select from 4 characters. Controls for player-2 inside game. You can choose between custom button layouts as well. Enjoy!
Battle Grounds 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Battle Grounds 2
This is the sequel of Battlegrounds. Its moreRTS-ish,and has lots of new units, buildings, scrolling maps and such. As you play, more buildings will be avaible for you to build. You will also be able to build more houses in later missions.
Cave Escape 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Cave Escape 2
Use your speed and telekinetic powers to escape the cave!
Exofusion 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Exofusion 2
Another great space shooot-em-up. In this one you can buy upgrades between levels.
Linear Assault Icon
3 Stars Icon
Linear Assault
Classic 2D shooting action!
Neon 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Neon 2
More fast paced Neon action! Now with a scrolling playing field and tons more!
Stick Man Sam 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Stick Man Sam 2
Now that his training is complete Sam goes on his first real mission: Into the Darkness!
Thing Thing 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Thing Thing 2
More weapons, more levels, more enemies, more Thing-Thing!
Thing Thing Arena 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Thing Thing Arena 2
Think you've mastered Thing-Thing Arena? Think again!
wOne 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
wOne 2
The sequel to wOne - now with 100% more bungee!
Zombie Horde 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Horde 2
Are YOU man enough to handle being out in the wild with zombies coming at you?
Match the Couples Icon
5 Stars Icon
Match the Couples
Play a matchmaker. Match the couples of the world. There are 12 pairs of couples, a male and a female. Click on a window to see who's behind. Match with the correct pair from other windows. You only have 1 minute to complete matching. Happy Match-making.
Operation Thunder Icon
3 Stars Icon
Operation Thunder
Cruel Lee has held 200 soldiers hostage. As Capt.George, your mission is to rescue the soldiers from his heavily guarded prison.
The 12 fighters Icon
3 Stars Icon
The 12 fighters
The hero from street fighter 3 is back! Fight 12 times against the evil monster.
Mutants 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mutants 2
Near the end of the 29th century thw orld has changed, try to survive!
Gunny Bunny 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Gunny Bunny 2
When the gate opens the shooting game will begin, try to shoot al the robots!
Cyber uf2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Cyber uf2
Cyber uf2 is the ultimate shooter! Select the player and choose the right gun!
Fruit fighters Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fruit fighters
Choose an Xtreme Fruit Fighter and try to win 2 out of 3 fights!
Alienation 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Alienation 2
It's war and you must try to survive!
Bibo 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Bibo 2
Save your monkey friends and defeat the enemies
Sharkattack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Help the shark bite as many legs as possible!
Scooby adventure 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Scooby adventure 2
Help Shaggy and Scooby get through the Creepy Cave!
Jinx 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Jinx 2
Poor jinx has falling out of the sky, right into a new adventure!
Heli 2 Attack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Heli 2 Attack
Avoid the enemy fire and shoot down all the helicopters!
Sim Day Night Icon
0 Stars Icon
Sim Day Night
24 hour based RPG with a dayjob and a nightlife!
Destiny Earth Icon
3 Stars Icon
Destiny Earth
Help Rhozwell kill all the Earthlings. Don't get shot or snapped!
Indiana Jones 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Indiana Jones 2
Help Indy make his way through the desert and find the sacred fortune!
Zwill 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Zwill 2
Collect cheese, stars and jump on the green monsters to kill them!
Breakit 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Breakit 2
Control your paddle, break the wall with your ball and catch the bonuses!
D-fence 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
D-fence 2
Manage your soldiers and weapons, reinforce and defend your base!
Hapland 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Hapland 2
Restore power to the portal by lighting the torches. Click on everything!
Steppenwolf 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Steppenwolf 2
The aborigines attacked you. Now you are trapped...
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