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Welcome to BOIS Chafuffe Free Games Zone
Search Results for ball
Mini Pool Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mini Pool
The Aim of the game is to clear the pool table in the shortest time possible. Your mouse to position/aim the cue and left click to hit. Keep an eye on the PINK ball and be careful about potting the white ball as it carries -50 points.
Mini Putt 3 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mini Putt 3
This is one of the web's most celebrated flash Carpet Golf Games, In simple the whole aim is to putt the golf ball in the fewest hits as possible. Your mouse to aim and left click to hit. It's all about trial and error, you'll never in a million years complete this game successfully in your first turn.
Baseball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Play a nice game of baseball
Boom Boom Volleyball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Boom Boom Volleyball
Play a nice game of volleyball
Cannon Blast Icon
3 Stars Icon
Cannon Blast
Fire cannonballs and sink ships
G Ball Icon
3 Stars Icon
G Ball
Guide the ball through the paths
Ma Balls Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ma Balls
A True Dodgeball Game
Seal Ball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Seal Ball
Seal Volleyball
Smashing Icon
3 Stars Icon
Break the bricks with all the balls
Stress Relief Paintball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Stress Relief Paintball
Shoot the smiley-faces throughout the office building
Swingball Icon
3 Stars Icon
3D Pong Style Game
Clowns Icon
3 Stars Icon
Your job is to impress the crowd as much as your can with your clown skills and grab all the balloons.
Attack of the Mutant Artificial Trees Icon
3 Stars Icon
Attack of the Mutant Artificial Trees
Miles outside the city, a delivery truck is in route with a mysterious payload! Suddenly, one of Santa?s elves opens the back gate and begins frantically tossing the boxes off of the truck! The artificial trees have mutated and are sucking the spirit out of Christmas. Help the elf beat these bad guys by hitting them with snow balls!
Xtreme Pinball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Xtreme Pinball
Cool flash version of pinball.
Balloon Park  Icon
0 Stars Icon
Balloon Park
Help children go in the incredible flight by delivering helium to baloons!
Cannon Ball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Cannon Ball
Aim the cannon and try to shoot the enemies castle!
Bumperball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Drive your bumper car and try to score as many goals as possible!
Mini golf 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Mini golf 2
Use your club and hit the ball into the hole in as few moves as possible!
Sumo Ball Icon
0 Stars Icon
Sumo Ball
Get all of the 11 Sumo wrestling football team into position by catapulting them!
Boy girl soccer Icon
3 Stars Icon
Boy girl soccer
Play this boys versus girls mini football game and score a goal!
Chester golf Icon
0 Stars Icon
Chester golf
You play as Chester Cheetah and you object is to hit the ball in the hole.
Everybody Golf Icon
3 Stars Icon
Everybody Golf
Try to hit the ball as fast as possible in the hole!
Handball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Serve the ball and wait till the ball hits the ground twice. Try to win a serve!
Putter Nutter Icon
3 Stars Icon
Putter Nutter
Pot the ball as fast as possible, or hit the animals for a random bonus.
Real pool Icon
3 Stars Icon
Real pool
The ultimate goal of this game is to pot all solids or all stripes before you pot the 8th ball!
Dodgeball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Get the ball and throw it to the other gamers!
Arcadebowling Icon
0 Stars Icon
Pick your shoes and ball and let the play begin!
Football Icon
0 Stars Icon
How many goals will you manage to score?
Extreme football Icon
3 Stars Icon
Extreme football
Throw the ball and try to complete as many passes as you can!
Tokkun Icon
0 Stars Icon
Choose one of the three levels and play baseball!
Blobz soccer Icon
3 Stars Icon
Blobz soccer
Play against a robot and shoot the ball to the opposite goal to score!
3D net blaze Icon
3 Stars Icon
3D net blaze
Try to shoot the ball at the top most of your jump!
Miniput 3 Icon
4 Stars Icon
Miniput 3
Put the ball in the hole and go to the next level!
Braindrop Icon
0 Stars Icon
Your task is to drop the gold ball without dropping the silver one!
Eliminator Icon
3 Stars Icon
Eliminate all the balls. One ball must hit another!
Cannon balls Icon
0 Stars Icon
Cannon balls
Click and place the triangles so the ball could get to the cannon!
Screwball Icon
0 Stars Icon
Shoot to make groups of 3 or more similar balls and don't let the balls reach the center of the spiral!
Road blocks Icon
3 Stars Icon
Road blocks
Guide the ball right into the red goal!
Rebound Icon
0 Stars Icon
Flip the mirrors to bounce the ball in the right direction!
Tiki Balls Icon
3 Stars Icon
Tiki Balls
Your goal on each level is to reach the exit!
Coball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shoot and make groups of 3 or more balls of the same color!
Codebreaker Icon
3 Stars Icon
Bounce the ball with your Electronic Paddle and cllear all of the Code Blocks!
Col jump! Icon
3 Stars Icon
Col jump!
Jump over one or more balls of the same color with a ball of another color!
Powerstore Icon
3 Stars Icon
Click on a group of 2 or more balls of the same color!
Letters! Icon
0 Stars Icon
Watch falling fireballs and press proper keys on your keyboard!
MicePlague2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Protect the cheese for as long as you can by eliminating the mice with your glowing ball!
The Bugs Icon
3 Stars Icon
The Bugs
Move the pink ball with your mouse and don't touch the bugs!
Airballs Icon
0 Stars Icon
Bounce the ball on your head and keep as many balls in the air as possible!
Jungle quest Icon
3 Stars Icon
Jungle quest
Use your flippers and keep the ball moving for as long as you can!
Raven basket Icon
0 Stars Icon
Raven basket
Click groups of 3 or more matching balls to clear them from the court!
Mask pinball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mask pinball
Let's play pinball online!
Wrax Tetris Icon
0 Stars Icon
Wrax Tetris
Shoot and get 3 similar balls in a row to clear them!
Paper Balls Icon
3 Stars Icon
Paper Balls
Help Mr Incredible flick the paper balls into the bin!
Himalayaya Icon
0 Stars Icon
Help Yeti hit the skiers with snowballs and not get caught by the professor!
papertoss Icon
3 Stars Icon
Throw paper balls into the bin!
Simpsons Ball Icon
0 Stars Icon
Simpsons Ball
Take part in the Springfield Snow Fight. Dodge Nelson's snowballs!
Snowfight 3 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Snowfight 3
Throw snowballs at your opponents!
Donald ball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Donald ball
oose your character and keep the ball bouncing!
Powerball! Icon
3 Stars Icon
Keep the mouse pointer on the lights to activate the powerball's internal rotor!
Fall down Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fall down
Keep the ball from going off the top of the screen.
X-Bound Icon
3 Stars Icon
Move the paddle around and break the wall with your ball!
Ball braker Icon
0 Stars Icon
Ball braker
Control your paddle and break the wall with your ball!
Poom Icon
0 Stars Icon
Control the platform and try to remove all the tiles by bouncing the ball!
Pokeball Blitz Icon
0 Stars Icon
Pokeball Blitz
Drop the right color ball to the right color block!
Lawine Surfer Icon
3 Stars Icon
Lawine Surfer
Help yeti roll the snowball and kill as many penguins as possible!
Fireballs! Icon
3 Stars Icon
Stear the fireball without touching the walls.Kill Thrillsuckers to earn points!
Dragonballz Icon
3 Stars Icon
Choose your character and opponent and win the fight!
Havoc mountain Icon
3 Stars Icon
Havoc mountain
Control the giant snowball and crush as many skiers as you can!
Slam Icon
0 Stars Icon
Catch the ball onto your paddle and don't let your opponent score!
Bio Ball Boom Icon
3 Stars Icon
Bio Ball Boom
Bio balls are bouncing in the levels. Place bombs to destroy the bio balls!
Flipshot Icon
0 Stars Icon
Use the shield of your warrior to bounce the balls to the rocks in the field.
Mario Strikers Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mario Strikers
Bounce the soccer ball on Mario's head!
Ball Revamped Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ball Revamped
Try to keep the ball steady and savetly to the exit!
Football a track Icon
3 Stars Icon
Football a track
Score goals while avoiding the yellow cards.
Arrow Tag Icon
0 Stars Icon
Arrow Tag
Try to solve the colored ball within the time!
Uber pool Icon
0 Stars Icon
Uber pool
Don't get out of time! Pot the ball's before the time is up!
Orca Slap Icon
0 Stars Icon
Orca Slap
Hit the pinguins by throwing a snowball and try to put them in the middle!
Starball Icon
0 Stars Icon
Fun and cool retro game, the new graphics are very nice!
Air tennis Icon
3 Stars Icon
Air tennis
Keep the ball in the air!!
Ball atrack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ball atrack
Follow the track as far as you can!
Thrust-2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Shoot the balloons and land saftly on the platform!
Aqua Energizer Icon
0 Stars Icon
Aqua Energizer
Help Nemo push the balls into the energizer and go to the next level!
Golden gate! Icon
0 Stars Icon
Golden gate!
Throw water balloons from the bridge and hit the target objects!
Monkey Ball Icon
0 Stars Icon
Monkey Ball
Tilt and rotate the floor to guide Aiai to the yellow Goal!
Starsky & Hutch Icon
3 Stars Icon
Starsky & Hutch
Let's play pinball with Starsky & Hutch!
Gravity Ball 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Gravity Ball 2
Control the paddle and break all the bricks with your ball!
Grab It Icon
0 Stars Icon
Grab It
Catch the required number of balls of specified color!
Super Hacky Sack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Super Hacky Sack
Kick the ball with the tip of your feet or head!
Cannonball Follies 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Cannonball Follies 2
Help Sam get to his buried treasure by hitting the target!
Paintball - The Game Icon
0 Stars Icon
Paintball - The Game
Draw the line to make the ball get to the exit.
Float Icon
0 Stars Icon
Keep your ball alive without hitting the spikes and gather as many stars as possible.
Goal in One Icon
0 Stars Icon
Goal in One
A mix of Soccer and Golf. Get the soccer ball into the goal within par.
Armor Games Snowball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Armor Games Snowball
How big can you roll a snow ball?
Snow Ball Fight Icon
3 Stars Icon
Snow Ball Fight
Throw snowballs and hit the enemies to defeat their team and win the matches.
Ball Puzzle Icon
0 Stars Icon
Ball Puzzle
Use the arrow keys to move the ball. Easy to learn, hard to master.
Jeeves Volleyball Icon
0 Stars Icon
Jeeves Volleyball
Would you fancy a game of volleyball, sir?
Super Pang Icon
0 Stars Icon
Super Pang
Bust all of the balls to make your way across all 6 islands and earn a high score!
Balloon Shooter Icon
3 Stars Icon
Balloon Shooter
Fire The Balloons & Become A Sharp Shooter. Use Left Mouse Button To Fire The Balloons. Press Space Bar To Reload Your Gun. If You Miss 3 Balloons, You Lose The Game.
Football Header Icon
0 Stars Icon
Football Header
Bounce the Football on your head. Use the mouse cursor to move the Player. If the football touches the ground, it will be counted as a "Miss". 10 Misses, and the game is over. Hit the Red and Orange balls to get extra points and get more lifes. Now, Start playing.
Fetch Icon
3 Stars Icon
Throw the ball, if the dog brings the ball back you get more points!
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