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Welcome to BOIS Chafuffe Free Games Zone
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Connect 4 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Connect 4
This is a modern interpretation of the classic rainy day game that many of us remember playing at school. The game still upholds it's old principles, but just in a new mediatic way. You can either play the game against your computer or against a human, friend or family by opting for the 2 player mode.
Galaxians Icon
3 Stars Icon
This is a classic game re-done for online enjoyment. You are in a space ship, trying to avoid being blown out to smithereens while shooting down enemy alien ships. The setting is in outer space in the year xxxx. Controls: left = left, right = right, SPACE = shoot!
Mini Putt 3 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mini Putt 3
This is one of the web's most celebrated flash Carpet Golf Games, In simple the whole aim is to putt the golf ball in the fewest hits as possible. Your mouse to aim and left click to hit. It's all about trial and error, you'll never in a million years complete this game successfully in your first turn.
3D Reversia Icon
3 Stars Icon
3D Reversia
Beat your opponent by converting all the Reversi pieces on the board into yours before the game ends
ALIAS 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Artificial Lifeform Intended for Assassination and Sabotage, The Story Continues
Gem Mania Icon
3 Stars Icon
Gem Mania
Choo Choo along, collect all the gems, avoid getting trapped or bumping into your own carriages. Progress levels all 100 of them.
Panik in Chocoland Icon
3 Stars Icon
Panik in Chocoland
Fly around, collect bombs and do your thing
Penguin Push Icon
3 Stars Icon
Penguin Push
Puzzle game dealing with pushing colored blocks
Sub Commander Icon
4 Stars Icon
Sub Commander
Take control of the submarine
The Pharoh's Tomb Icon
4 Stars Icon
The Pharoh's Tomb
Do you dare?
3D Sudoku Icon
3 Stars Icon
3D Sudoku
A very addicting 3D Sudoku game
Abba The Fox Icon
3 Stars Icon
Abba The Fox
A fun hanggliding game where the goal is to collect all the envelopes without getting stung.
Airwolf Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shoot down your enemy first in this fighter game.
Donkey Kong Banana Barrage Icon
3 Stars Icon
Donkey Kong Banana Barrage
Throw the bananas in to the barrels to score points.
UniWar The Lost Civilization Icon
3 Stars Icon
UniWar The Lost Civilization
Fly your space fighter and shoot the evil aliens before they kill you. You've got a tough Boss in the end to deal with, so avoid getting shot along the way!
Spider Solitaire Icon
3 Stars Icon
Spider Solitaire
Choose from one to four different suits, deal out cards, and create columns of ace to king.
Pyramid Solitaire Icon
3 Stars Icon
Pyramid Solitaire
Move cards over to reveal covered cards and remove them.
Ninja Air Combat Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ninja Air Combat
One of the best online Ninja fighting games around
Regal Solitaire Icon
3 Stars Icon
Regal Solitaire
Klondike, Freecell, Scorpion, Golf, Poker, Three Blind Mice, Pyramid, Osmosis, Spider, Vegas.
Grab The Glory Field Events Icon
3 Stars Icon
Grab The Glory Field Events
Compete in 4 Olympic field events: Running, Long Jump, Javelin, Pole Vault.
Adventure Elf Icon
3 Stars Icon
Adventure Elf
Frank and all his other penguin pals have raided Santa's sleigh. (These penguins are pretty dumb and mistook the shiny, colorfully wrapped toys for big cans of tuna.) It?s up to Oliver the Elf, to find those gifts and return them back to the Kringle Toy Factory so Santa can make his deliveries.
Metal Slug Rampage Icon
3 Stars Icon
Metal Slug Rampage
One of the best coin-op games of all time is back in flash form. Shoot your way to fun.
Xtreme Pinball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Xtreme Pinball
Cool flash version of pinball.
Tubin Icon
3 Stars Icon
Navigate the tuber safely through the waters while collecting bonuses along the way. Just like old times!
Railroad Builder Icon
3 Stars Icon
Railroad Builder
Similar to the old pipe games, build your track so the train can safely get as far as possible.
Camper Strike Icon
3 Stars Icon
Camper Strike
Remake of Counter Strike, hit the targets
Cone Crazy Icon
3 Stars Icon
Cone Crazy
The goal of this Cone crazy game is to knock down as many cones as possible within 30 seconds time limit. Use your ARROW KEYS to control the car. Knock down cones for points and avoid obsticles and potholes.
BMX Tricks Icon
3 Stars Icon
BMX Tricks
Do your best BMX tricks and see how high you can score.
Al Franken Skit Icon
3 Stars Icon
Al Franken Skit
Al Franken kicks a conservative where it hurts and then beats him over the head with a barstool and watches another person hit him in the head with a bottle
Shooting Fish Icon
3 Stars Icon
Shooting Fish
Instead of casting a pole, harpoon your fish to get the highest score.
Tiny Combat 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Tiny Combat 2
Protect your base from all the incoming soldiers.
Beaver Brothers Icon
3 Stars Icon
Beaver Brothers
Run around collecting bricks for the Beaver Brothers. A nice spinoff of the Mario Brothers game.
Tiny Combat Icon
3 Stars Icon
Tiny Combat
Protect your flag from the enemies.
Cop Shoot Icon
3 Stars Icon
Cop Shoot
Almost like a police training game. You are a copy and you job is to shoot all the enemies.
Counterstrike Icon
3 Stars Icon
A flash version of the popular computer game Counterstrike.
Bunny VS World  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Bunny VS World
You were an easy going rabbit retired from the art of killing, but now your arch enemy Adolf Bunne has seized power of rodent kind and is conquering the world. You must destroy him and his Nazi-esque armies.
Conan O'brien the Barbarian  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Conan O'brien the Barbarian
Conan O'brien the Barbarian thwacks things with his giant head as he fights his way towards a tomb in Egypt to save the beloved Pimpbot 500.
Genocide Monkey  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Genocide Monkey
An evil monkey on a cloud that destroys islands with gems. You can skip the back story when you start a new game, except for the controls.
Via Sol  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Via Sol
The Earth has become over crowded, so the richest have fled to a new world. Grow you population within the time limit, while keeping your populace fed and with power.
Bushido Solitaire  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Bushido Solitaire
Play a fascinating Bushido Solitaire to become patient as a real Samurai.
Ronin Solitaire  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Ronin Solitaire
Help the ronin to win back his new master?s favor and become employed.
Super Blocks  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Super Blocks
Improved version of popular collapse game. Remove all colour blocks to win.
Tower Constructor  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Tower Constructor
Build the most balanced and solid tower and call it after your name.
Speed Icon
3 Stars Icon
Try to get rid of all your cards before the computer does.
Jack russell Icon
0 Stars Icon
Jack russell
Draw the pathway for the dog to walk on towards his goal. Try to collect all the bones!
Mc Donalds Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mc Donalds
Behind every sandwich there is a complex process you can learn to manage in this game!
Smurfcar Icon
0 Stars Icon
Help Handy Smurf in assembling his car by replacing all its parts correctly!
Checkers Fun Icon
3 Stars Icon
Checkers Fun
Play checkers against the computer or against a friend!
Bumperball Icon
3 Stars Icon
Drive your bumper car and try to score as many goals as possible!
EK heads Icon
0 Stars Icon
EK heads
Choose your team, defend your goal and try to score!
Galaktic tennis Icon
0 Stars Icon
Galaktic tennis
Steer your paddle and score goals!
Mini ping pong Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mini ping pong
Control your paddle and play table tennis online!
Boy girl soccer Icon
3 Stars Icon
Boy girl soccer
Play this boys versus girls mini football game and score a goal!
Air hockey Icon
4 Stars Icon
Air hockey
Score more goals than your opponent and go to the next level!
Skate park Icon
0 Stars Icon
Skate park
Use your skateboard to perform cool tricks in mid-air.
Spin kicker Icon
3 Stars Icon
Spin kicker
You have 3 minutes to score as many goals as possible!
Centre court Icon
0 Stars Icon
Centre court
Be a real pro and win the Wimbledon game competition!
Trampoline 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Trampoline 2
You have 99 seconds to perform as many trampoline tricks as you can!
Soccer Icon
2 Stars Icon
Learn some nice tricks to become a pro in soccer!
Football Icon
0 Stars Icon
How many goals will you manage to score?
Airhockey Icon
3 Stars Icon
Play Airhockey against the computer!
Extreme football Icon
3 Stars Icon
Extreme football
Throw the ball and try to complete as many passes as you can!
Rugby Kick Icon
3 Stars Icon
Rugby Kick
Aim the crosshair, adjust for the wind, set power and accuracy and score a goal!
Grasshootout Icon
3 Stars Icon
Score as many goals as you can and defend your goal from being breached!
World Soccer Icon
3 Stars Icon
World Soccer
Take part in this soccer tournament and score as many goals as you can!
Blobz soccer Icon
3 Stars Icon
Blobz soccer
Play against a robot and shoot the ball to the opposite goal to score!
Pinheadz Icon
0 Stars Icon
Knock down as many pins as possible. Try to score a strike!
Cocos Shoot Icon
3 Stars Icon
Cocos Shoot
See how many goals you can score with your coconut before the time's up!
King of skeleton Icon
0 Stars Icon
King of skeleton
Guide Kristan to glory by beating the course in time!
Heavymetal rider Icon
3 Stars Icon
Heavymetal rider
Control a heavy metal chick and race as first over the finish!
Quick Park Icon
3 Stars Icon
Quick Park
Test your parking fitness and agility! You have only 80 seconds!
Road Trip Icon
0 Stars Icon
Road Trip
Dont become too late on your holiday stay!
Hot Rod Racing Icon
0 Stars Icon
Hot Rod Racing
Control your car and watch for obstacles to end the race!
Scooby's madness Icon
3 Stars Icon
Scooby's madness
Follow the suspicious character, take 6 photos and deliver them to the police!
Grand Prix 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Grand Prix 2
Complete all three tracks before your damage reaches 100%!
Skidoo Icon
3 Stars Icon
Get around the tracks as fast as you can on your ice scooter!
Statick Shock Icon
3 Stars Icon
Statick Shock
Try to get Static through the course. You have 60 seconds!
Groove Racing Icon
3 Stars Icon
Groove Racing
Control your car around 6 unique tracks and compete for a place on the Leader board!
Comboling Icon
1 Star Icon
Try to link the marked fields horizontally, vertically or diagonally!
Flip the mol Icon
3 Stars Icon
Flip the mol
Steer the plank so that the mole could pick all the flowers!
Funny Bubbles Icon
3 Stars Icon
Funny Bubbles
Make a chain of 3 or more bubbles of the same color and break the wall!
Fushion lite! Icon
0 Stars Icon
Fushion lite!
Click to shoot matching colored tiles and clear them from the board!
Monkeyhelp Icon
0 Stars Icon
Complete the route and pass the monkey to the opposite shore!
Sobics 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sobics 2
Click on groups of 2 or more squares of the same color and clear the board!
Quarkz Icon
0 Stars Icon
Try to control as much subnuclear matter as possible by clicking on the fields!
Chainreaction Icon
0 Stars Icon
Clear the grid by crossing off the coloured symbols one by one!
Sparks Icon
0 Stars Icon
Flip the bridges so the spark could follow its path!
Cannon balls Icon
0 Stars Icon
Cannon balls
Click and place the triangles so the ball could get to the cannon!
Gohper Icon
0 Stars Icon
Help Gopher collect all the diamonds and get to the portal to complete the level!
Ringmania Icon
3 Stars Icon
Rotate the ring to make a group of 3 or more little rings of the same color!
Snap Shotz Icon
0 Stars Icon
Snap Shotz
Examine 2 seemingly identical images and spot 5 differences. You have 45 seconds!
sobics school Icon
3 Stars Icon
sobics school
Get the right colors and try to make a combination, four of the same stones!
Glops Icon
3 Stars Icon
Click on Glops of the same colour that are grouped together to remove them.
Caixa Icon
0 Stars Icon
Click on the coloured tiles to change them all into the colour shown at the top.
Puzzle bobble Icon
3 Stars Icon
Puzzle bobble
Shoot and make combinations of 3 or more bubbles to clear the field!
Sloyd Icon
0 Stars Icon
Slide the different colored pieces from one side of the cube to another.
Mind Scorn Icon
0 Stars Icon
Mind Scorn
Watch which colors light up and click them in the correct order.
Candy Shoot Icon
3 Stars Icon
Candy Shoot
Shoot the candy! Score points by hitting 3 or more of the same type of candy.
Mon Buster Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mon Buster
Play memory against the time before a new row blocks come up.
Mastermind Icon
3 Stars Icon
Guess the color sequence and the order to become a Mastermind!
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