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Welcome to BOIS Chafuffe Free Games Zone
Search Results for co
Harry Hamster 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Harry Hamster 2
Collect all the lost golden wheel parts and return home!
Mad dash Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mad dash
Kuzco must win the annual kuzco academy country race! Or else...
Zelda pacman Icon
0 Stars Icon
Zelda pacman
Real nice pacman game for the zelda fans!
Starball Icon
0 Stars Icon
Fun and cool retro game, the new graphics are very nice!
Magical eye Icon
3 Stars Icon
Magical eye
You must try to avoid the Mad-eye oody's gaze and his dark detectors!
Movie maker Icon
0 Stars Icon
Movie maker
Become steven spielberg and shoot the best movies ever!
Arrow of Love Icon
3 Stars Icon
Arrow of Love
Load a right color arrow, and shoot the heart!
Egg Run Icon
3 Stars Icon
Egg Run
Collect the twig in the least possible shots and reach for the ladder!
Perfect pizza Icon
0 Stars Icon
Perfect pizza
Earn money by making a perfect copy of the pizza's!
Laser envy Icon
0 Stars Icon
Laser envy
Collect all the crystals from each of the 10 levels!
Global rescue Icon
3 Stars Icon
Global rescue
Fight with the helicopter and rescue people from the jungle!
Skeleton Park Icon
0 Stars Icon
Skeleton Park
Run for the dogs and collect the bones!
Sonic blox Icon
0 Stars Icon
Sonic blox
Nice and Cool different tetris game, play sonic tetris!
Goldwell Icon
0 Stars Icon
Collect all the gold before the pipe is broken!
Mars Patrol Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mars Patrol
Destroy the virus that infected the Martial colony's defense systems!
Santa Ski jump Icon
0 Stars Icon
Santa Ski jump
Ski Jumping. Help Santa collect as many stars as possible!
Sniper School Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sniper School
Complete your training at Sniper School successfully!
Four drive Icon
0 Stars Icon
Four drive
Chase Kangaroo Jack, collect money and grab as many green canteens as you can!
Gravity Ball 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Gravity Ball 2
Control the paddle and break all the bricks with your ball!
Grab It Icon
0 Stars Icon
Grab It
Catch the required number of balls of specified color!
Helicopter Icon
3 Stars Icon
Steer your helicopter and try to avoid obstacles!
Blobo Icon
3 Stars Icon
Help Blobo collect all the candy and beware purple monsters!
Flamez Icon
3 Stars Icon
Help the boy collect fruit and throw it into the corresponding basket!
Four Second Firestorm Icon
3 Stars Icon
Four Second Firestorm
Complete each 175 microgame in 4 seconds made by 56 authors.
BR's Climate Chaos Icon
0 Stars Icon
BR's Climate Chaos
Move around with your friends and control the climate.
Orb 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Orb 2
Control the Orb and make it to the exit. Good Luck!
Hustler Icon
3 Stars Icon
This may be a remake of the game Drug Wars, but it's not just strategy. There's a full beat 'em up engine, with fists flying and guns blazing! No more random luck when the cops come after you!
Power Copter  Icon
0 Stars Icon
Power Copter
As power copter, stop the destruction on the earth.
Zombie Survival SM  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Survival SM
Make your way through hordes of undead zombies, slaughter them all. Use your score to upgrade your weapons. A total of 45 Levels are available. Good Luck!
Cowboys and Chinamen Icon
3 Stars Icon
Cowboys and Chinamen
This is a story that is punctuated by a series of minigames. It follows the main character on the hunt for a no-good villain.
Prince of War Icon
3 Stars Icon
Prince of War
Do you have what it takes to save the land from defeat? Use your battle Skills to become the ultimate Prince of War.
Armor Heroes  Icon
0 Stars Icon
Armor Heroes
Pick from the Ten Heroes, each with there own Special Attack as they tackle wave after wave of enemies, and discover the best combos to do it with!
Xunmato Alpha Icon
3 Stars Icon
Xunmato Alpha
Ultimate Quest! Hours of gameplay and a built in 2-player battle mode. Select from 4 characters. Controls for player-2 inside game. You can choose between custom button layouts as well. Enjoy!
Swag  Icon
0 Stars Icon
Welcome to West-Crestfallen!
Alien Abductions Icon
3 Stars Icon
Alien Abductions
The aim of the game is to get the highest possibles score in order to continue to the next level, but you must also fight enemies and bosses along the way. Choosing which of your three guns to use at any one time is also a key factor in winning as they each have a distinct effect.
Adrenaline Icon
3 Stars Icon
I am completely addicted to this amazing game! Just try it.
Autumn War Icon
0 Stars Icon
Autumn War
Command your troops as they battle hordes of zombies!
Boxhead Icon
3 Stars Icon
Boxville has been overrun by zombies! Escort the civillians to safety.
Lucky Ladybug Icon
3 Stars Icon
Lucky Ladybug
Guide the ladybug to the end with as few clicks and as little time as possible to set a high score.
Nibbles Icon
0 Stars Icon
An improved Snake game with power-ups and a highscore system.
Rice Hat Warrior Icon
3 Stars Icon
Rice Hat Warrior
Cold steel is your only ally. Mercy has no place in your heart.
Sky Chopper Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sky Chopper
A great helecopter shooting game with awesome power-ups!
Stick Man Sam  Icon
3 Stars Icon
Stick Man Sam
Part 1 of a great stickman action series. Can you complete the training?
Stick Man Sam 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Stick Man Sam 2
Now that his training is complete Sam goes on his first real mission: Into the Darkness!
Stick Man Sam 4 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Stick Man Sam 4
The Stickman mayhem continues!
Super Pang Icon
0 Stars Icon
Super Pang
Bust all of the balls to make your way across all 6 islands and earn a high score!
Tank Patrol Icon
0 Stars Icon
Tank Patrol
Keep your tank alive at all costs!
Thing Thing Arena Icon
3 Stars Icon
Thing Thing Arena
Think you have the Thing-Thing skills to make the top 50 highscores?
wOne Icon
0 Stars Icon
Roll through each level collecting barrels in this fun physics-based game!
Zombie Horde 2 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Zombie Horde 2
Are YOU man enough to handle being out in the wild with zombies coming at you?
Balloon Shooter Icon
3 Stars Icon
Balloon Shooter
Fire The Balloons & Become A Sharp Shooter. Use Left Mouse Button To Fire The Balloons. Press Space Bar To Reload Your Gun. If You Miss 3 Balloons, You Lose The Game.
Bike Racing Icon
3 Stars Icon
Bike Racing
Become A Champ. Play Free Bike Racing Game. Use UP ARROW key to move forward. LEFT and RIGHT ARROW keys to move left and right. DOWN ARROW key to slow down. Press SPACE BAR to apply brakes.
Bird Hunting Icon
0 Stars Icon
Bird Hunting
Become a Bird Hunter, Play the Bird Hunting Game. Use the UP & DOWN arrow keys to position the bow. Use the LEFT & RIGHT arrow keys for the shooting power. Shoot all the birds, but avoid the small sparrow. If you miss the other birds, they'd shit on you and fly away. If the birds shit on you for 6 times, the game is over. Happy Hunting.
Bomber Kid Icon
3 Stars Icon
Bomber Kid
Your Aim is to cross the Garden by killing the Monster Tomatoes and blowing the bushes. Stay away from the Mines and Monster Tomatoes or you lose 1 life. You have limited Bombs, but you can collect Bonus Bomb packs on your way.
Caption Zambo Icon
3 Stars Icon
Caption Zambo
A top secret file from US defence has been stolen by terrorists of Iraq. As CAPT. ZAMBO, your mission is to recover this file.
Football Header Icon
0 Stars Icon
Football Header
Bounce the Football on your head. Use the mouse cursor to move the Player. If the football touches the ground, it will be counted as a "Miss". 10 Misses, and the game is over. Hit the Red and Orange balls to get extra points and get more lifes. Now, Start playing.
Killer Dolls Icon
0 Stars Icon
Killer Dolls
Save youself from the Attack Of The Killer Dolls. They have knives and will kill you in one chop. Locate them from the radar, and shoot them before they come too close. Beware of the Girl doll, she comes too fast.
Match the Couples Icon
5 Stars Icon
Match the Couples
Play a matchmaker. Match the couples of the world. There are 12 pairs of couples, a male and a female. Click on a window to see who's behind. Match with the correct pair from other windows. You only have 1 minute to complete matching. Happy Match-making.
Mission Impossible Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mission Impossible
Complete the missions which could be impossible.
Mud Bike Racing Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mud Bike Racing
Play the Mud Bike Racing Game. Become a Bike Racing Champ.
Sea Assault Icon
3 Stars Icon
Sea Assault
Save Your Ship from the enemy Helicopters and Submarines.
Skilled Parker Icon
0 Stars Icon
Skilled Parker
Become A Skilled Parker. Park your car in the parking slot.
Space Ambush Icon
3 Stars Icon
Space Ambush
Your Spaceship is being attacked by Aliens. Shoot them all, play the Space Ambush Game. Use the mouse cursor to position the Gun pointer. Left click to shoot the attacking Aliens. Don't give any chance to the enemies to come closer, or they'd reduce your Spaceship's health and eventually destroy your Spaceship.
Warrior Prince Icon
3 Stars Icon
Warrior Prince
Save Your Beautiful Princess. Become A Warrior Prince. You have 5 levels to clear, lots of enemies to kill. Simono is cruel and ruthless, has a army of loyal soldiers which includes scorpio, dragon and beasts. Vanquish them all and fight Simono.
Batman Vs Freeze Icon
0 Stars Icon
Batman Vs Freeze
Help Batman stop Mr.Freeze from taking control of Gotham City!
Mascot kombat Icon
3 Stars Icon
Mascot kombat
Use your special moves to defeat the enemy and score points!
Nobuyuki Forces Icon
3 Stars Icon
Nobuyuki Forces
There is an hideout, a secret place. Try to save the world by discover the place
Grizzly Tank Icon
3 Stars Icon
Grizzly Tank
Cobra Bats captured four men, you need to coordinate a rescue team!
Spug shock Icon
3 Stars Icon
Spug shock
Use your magic stick to clear all the cookies that Spug through in your way!
Croco Snack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Croco Snack
Eat all the falling garbage and try to set a new record!
Wild pistols Icon
3 Stars Icon
Wild pistols
A cool and classic shooter game. As western cowboy you are stuck in a gunfight!
Miepies combat Icon
3 Stars Icon
Miepies combat
Eat the flowers and shoot the groverts!
Couriercombat Icon
3 Stars Icon
The power of the city is stolen, you must try to get is back!
Sonicxs Icon
3 Stars Icon
Try to rescue amy rose in 60 seconds!
Stande Icon
3 Stars Icon
Become a real soldier and try to survive in this nice shooter!
Space chase Icon
3 Stars Icon
Space chase
Fly through space and collect the good stones!
Fire play Icon
3 Stars Icon
Fire play
Blow up your components before they try to kill you!
Space Fighter Icon
0 Stars Icon
Space Fighter
Shoot down the asteroids and collect the fuel to go to the next stage!
Office War Icon
3 Stars Icon
Office War
Throw paper balls at your work colleagues!
Buta Craft Icon
3 Stars Icon
Buta Craft
Control your ship, kill the aliens, beat the boss and get the bonuses!
Balloon fight! Icon
3 Stars Icon
Balloon fight!
Throw balloons at your opponent. Collect ladybugs!
Narco Trafficker Icon
3 Stars Icon
Narco Trafficker
Try to collect and deliver all the coke!
Pigs Icon
3 Stars Icon
Make as many bacon sandwiches as possible by shooting down the flying pigs!
Titania Icon
3 Stars Icon
Locate the ecok crystals and smuggle them back to Titania!
Scooby adventure 4 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Scooby adventure 4
Help Shaggy & Scooby solve the mystery of The Temple of Lost Souls!
Scooby adventure 3 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Scooby adventure 3
Guide Shaggy and Scooby through this exciting and spooky adventure!
Scooby adventure 2 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Scooby adventure 2
Help Shaggy and Scooby get through the Creepy Cave!
Scooby adventure 1 Icon
3 Stars Icon
Scooby adventure 1
Guide Shaggy and Scooby through a series of logic based puzzles!
Billy Bob Icon
0 Stars Icon
Billy Bob
You must find the 15 hidden clues to defend your case in court!
Jinx Icon
3 Stars Icon
A poor Jinx has just become trapped inside a strange house! Break out!
Reel Deal Icon
0 Stars Icon
Reel Deal
Spuddy must collect and bring all the reels of film to the cinema projectors!
Romeo run Icon
0 Stars Icon
Romeo run
Help Romeo the hottest DJ defeat his enemies and collect bonus items!
Lilo & Stitch Icon
0 Stars Icon
Lilo & Stitch
Help stitch to collect some objects for helping lilo make her birthdaycard!
Heli 2 Attack Icon
3 Stars Icon
Heli 2 Attack
Avoid the enemy fire and shoot down all the helicopters!
Starbase 6 Icon
0 Stars Icon
Starbase 6
Regain control of Starbase 6 from the rogue robots!
Miljonair Icon
1 Star Icon
You've got 30 second to collect 1 million pounds. Watch out for the hackers!
Red Ed Icon
3 Stars Icon
Red Ed
Save Ed trapped in the haunted house. Collect garlic to avoid monsters!
Incoming Icon
0 Stars Icon
Shoot down the bubbles and don't let them touch you!
Daffy's studio Icon
3 Stars Icon
Daffy's studio
Get Duffy Duck through the studio sets using the catwalk. Collect clocks!
Witch Icon
0 Stars Icon
Help the witch collect all the ingredients for her potion!
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